These gowns help sick kids and teenagers express their personalities.


Because few people actually enjoy wearing hospital gowns for extended periods of time – especially kids battling long-term illnesses, fashion designers have partnered with a Canadian organization to create hospital gowns that are far more fashionable than standard options.
Bored Panda relays that Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada commissioned fashion designers to redesign hospital gowns that give sick kids “a chance to be themselves.” And, it might be agreed, they did an excellent job.

The ultimate goal of Ward+Robes is to ensure that adolescents who have to endure extended periods of time in hospitals feel as if their personality is expressed and that they do not feel defined by their illness.

In the video below, one girl relays that “wearing a hospital gown is like being in a hospital. There’s nothing good about it.” 

Another patient states that “It sort of makes me feel like my identity’s been stripped away from me.”

“When you can’t wear what you want, you feel like you’re not who you should be, or you’re just your illness.”

The gowns will soon be available in 130 hospitals across Canada. Eventually, the organization aims for Ward+Robes options to be available in hospitals worldwide.

Few people enjoy wearing hospital gowns – especially kids. 

“It sort of makes me feel like my identity’s been stripped away from me,” says one patient. 

To remedy this, a non-profit partnered with designers to create fashionable gowns. 

The goal is to improve kid’s self-confidence. 

The gowns come in a variety of cool designs. 

So far, the kids seem to love them!

“When I first saw the gowns I saw empowerment in teenagers in a place where they don’t have any,” said one teen.

Soon, they’ll launch Ward+Robes in 130 hospitals across Canada.

In the future, stylish gowns may be available in every hospital worldwide. 

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