The Top 2 teams who raise the most $$donations$$ will receive a portion of what they raise to donate to a foundation or organization of their choice.

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Nathan Mumford





1. Never miss an opportunity: Now is not the time to be shy. Let everyone know that you are participating in KEM Cancer Foundation's paintball fundraiser.  When they ask why, the conversation door has been opened. Take this opportunity to tell them why you are participating in the KEM's Paintball Pandamonium Tournament  Let them know what your fundraising goal is and then ask for a donation. This is a great opportunity to educate your community and fundraise at the same time.
2. Corporate Matching: Take advantage of corporate matching gifts programs. Many of your donors may work for companies that have a program like this — their donation could double simply by filling out a form from their Human Resources department and following the steps to submit a matching gift.
3. The Power of 10: Ask 10 friends to donate 10 dollars each to reach a fundraising milestone of 100 dollars! Think of the local community impact that 100 dollars from each participant could achieve!  
4. Tribute Donations: Encourage your donors to make their donations in “honor of”, “support of”, or “in memory of” someone they know who has been affected by cancer. This is a great way to let them feel very much a part of your experience.
5.  Check-Out Donation: Make up donation cards for your desk at work. Co-workers  can sign their name or purchase the card in someone else’s honor. Hang the donation cards around your office in recognition to those that have donated.   
6. Web-Based Auction: Get friends and family to donate things for you to sell on an internet auction site. Make sure to let bidders know that the item’s selling price is going towards your fundraising for the KEM's Paintball fundraiser event in your community.
7. 50/50 Raffle: Sell tickets to a 50/50 raffle at a large event or gathering. The prize is half the “pot.” The winner splits the “pot” with you — you get 50% of the proceeds and they get the other 50%. See if your boss will let you conduct a 50/50 raffle once a week at work. 
8. Dress Down Friday: Ask your boss if you can host a “Dress Down Friday.” Employees buy a button and get to dress down on an assigned day.
9. Send emails.  Email your fundraising letter to friends, family and coworkers and ask them to support you. Your email will have a direct link right back to the foundations website and when they donate online, they will automatically receive a receipt for tax purposes. Ask everyone to forward on your email to 10 more people!
10. Speak at a place of worship: Ask your local place of worship if you can speak to their congregation about the Komen Race for the Cure and your commitment after a service. Set up a table to collect donations afterwards.